BeingMVP: A Friendlier, Less Stressful Christmas Tradition with “Reindeer in Here”

Disclosure: My contributor received the following for review. All opinions are her own.
Unlike some people, I’ve never liked the idea of the Elf on the Shelf. I haven’t introduced it to my kids because I felt that a small, mischievous elf who spies on children contradicts the meaning of Christmas. On top of that, having to remember to relocate it every night seemed to be a lot of work. I have enough trouble just figuring out what to put in my kid’s advent calendar!
Last year, a new rival to the Elf on the Shelf came out called, Reindeer in Here. The book was created by Adam Reed, an author and father of two children. He was turned off by what he called the “creepy” little elf. His distaste for it inspired him to write the book “Reindeer in Here” in hopes of creating a new Christmas tradition that is friendlier for kids and less stressful for parents.
In Reed’s book, Santa wanted to learn more about every child but didn’t know how. A special reindeer who had one antler smaller than the other suggested to Santa that he sends a reindeer to each child’s home. There, the reindeer will live with and learn more about the children.  Every page in the book is filled with fantastic and detailed illustrations. The book’s soothing, rhyming words put me in the Christmas spirit because it reminded me of the well-loved story, The Night Before Christmas. I was impressed that the Reindeer in Here plush toy is well made and accented with cute little details. The expression on the plush’s face is friendly with its big blue eyes and gentle smile, versus the Elf on the Shelf’s mischievous, smug smile.
Since I’m not a fan of the Elf on the Shelf, I welcomed a friendlier, less creepy Christmas figure. Unlike the Elf on the Shelf who spies on children and tattles on them every night, Reindeer is Here wants to play with the kids and be part of their family and activities. And instead of having a “hands off” rule that comes with the Elf on the Shelf, kids are encouraged play with it during the day and cuddle with it at night. My kids found the soft plush reindeer adorable and loved the story too.
Reed was spot on when he created Reindeer in Here. A kind, warm-hearted, friendly Santa helper is truer to the Christmas spirit than a watchful spy who tattles on the kids. Plus, a tradition that doesn’t require parents to stress out about relocating something every night is a huge benefit! When I looked into ordering Reindeer in Here for my nieces and nephews, I could not find it anywhere. I’ve come to learn that when Reindeer in Here was first introduced on Amazon last year, it was so popular that it sold out in two hours!
This year, they are looking to have a bigger inventory of it. I can foresee a mad rush to get Reindeer in Here because I know that like me, many of parents are eager for a new family tradition that doesn’t involve intimidating children or nightly work for them. Thankfully, now it can be found at Hallmark stores during their Christmas in July Ornament Premiere events, and for the last week of July, on Amazon. But, when they’re gone, they’re gone, until the holidays, so if you want to get yours early, better get it now!
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