Like most parents who celebrate Christmas you may be considering an elf on the Shelf. We have had one for several years and our Fitzy is a beloved member of the family. The kids cannot wait for his return the day after Thanksgiving. I am fortunate that my children still have Christmas magic in their hearts and believe in Santa Claus. However, I’m getting a bit tired of Elf on the Shelf and his rules. You can’t touch him and you have to move him every night. Many an evening either myself or Allison has shot up in bed to curse, “I forgot to move the #$!!@ elf!” It is a bit exhausting but we started this thing and have to see it through. Had Reindeer in Here been an option way back when then we certainly would have gone that route.

We received our Reindeer in Here for free to check out and review. If you buy one make sure you gt to the box first as it says Reindeer in Here on the box. The one day that Andrew goes out to get the boxes for me was this day. Hopefully he will not remember when our Reindeer comes to stay with us on December 1st.

Reindeer in Here was created by dadpreneur, Adam reed. Adam is a father of two and a Hollywood TV producer. Being a dad is what he loves most in life. He created a new Christmas tradition last year called Reindeer in Here initially for his own family when he couldn’t find a viable positive option to Elf on the Shelf, which he saw has having many negative attributes.

As said, “the Reindeer’s concept is simple: Take everything you hate about Elf on the Shelf – children can’t touch him, he’s an evil creeper who spies on kids, and parents have to come up with zany adventures for him every night (when they’re exhausted from chasing around their little ones all day, no less) – and do the absolute opposite. It’s brilliant.”

Reindeer In here in under one year’s time is now an Amazon #1 New Release, an Amazon #1 Best Seller, and has won six major awards in the past few months including the Gold Mom’s Choice Award, and Best Book of the Year for the Creative Child Magazine Awards.

Actually, Reindeer in Here is now up to eight awards. The most recent of which was the coveted National Parenting Product Award.

The Reindeer in Here package comes with the Reindeer, a cute little guy that is very huggable. He has one small antler, the thing that makes him different. Then there is a book which tells the untold story of the reindeer and how they have come up with an idea for Santa to know each child better. As the child bonds with their Reindeer Santa, in turn will learn more about the child. Kids can take this little guy everywhere, talk to him, play with him and even write notes for their reindeer to take back to Santa.

Our Reindeer in Here will arrive on December 1st as the first gift of Christmas. We’ll read the story which talks about the Reindeer, which the kids will name, and all the reindeer’s friends. The story talks most about how each person is different and the core message is that ‘different is normal’. The things that make each person different are those that make them unique. I am looking forward to seeing how the kids respond to this new Christmas tradition.

Last year Reindeer in Here sold out. So, if you want to get one for your kids this year then make sure you order one soon. If you would be so kind, we’d appreciate it if you used our Amazon affiliate link to make your purchase.

More about Adam Reed:

Adam is the founder and CEO of Reed’s™ , a brand whose mission is to create “BIG stories for tiny people” through creativity and innovation. Reed’s™ was launched with the 2017 sold-out Christmas tradition, Reindeer In Here® which is now a U.S. best-seller and global brand. Always the storyteller, Adam is also the President of Emmy® winning production company Thinkfactory Media. He lives in Playa Del Rey with his wife Jennifer, and their two children.

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