Daddyhood: Shelf the Elf: How a dad and a toy reindeer plan to end the menacing rule of Santa’s creepiest helper this Christmas

Move over Elf. And say hello to Reindeer in Here.

Reindeer in Here is the brainchild of a dad, who like so many parents, had enough of “that Elf” and its negative nature.

“The Elf just sits there on a shelf, moves around from room to room, and basically spies on the kids,” says Adam Reed, a young father and author.

The 2005 Children’s book The Elf on the Shelf gave rise to what was billed as a “fun-filled Christmas tradition.” The frenzy came with a toy, a stuffed elf, that was designed to sit on shelves and watch over kids to make sure they were good—and definitely not naughty—as they prepared for Santa’s arrival.

And millions of parents went along with it year after year, even though the negative concept and stress of moving it every day to a new location bothered them.

“One day I had this epiphany: Maybe I could change the Christmas tradition into something positive that also doesn’t add more stress to parents at Christmastime!” remembers Reed.

After all, fatherhood had already caused this new dad to look differently at life. The birth of his daughter in 2015 inspired him to write a children’s book, BEE IN THE SEA, which won five awards for writing and best new release.

Not a bad start for straight out of the gate.

Emboldened, he says he was ready to tackle the Elf with a toy that has zero to do with spying and everything to do with bonding.  He was determined to create a new lasting Christmas tradition for his family and other families across the world.

Here’s how it works: After arriving in early December, the reindeer is designed to be the first gift of the holiday season.

Instead of staying put, the Reindeer is mobile: goes on adventures, engages in hobbies and spends quality time with the kiddos. They bond. The toy doesn’t sit on a shelf and spy.

“Reindeer In Here encourages interaction and positive reinforcement for good behavior, in addition to removing the stress of moving and hiding an elf every day. Rather than fear Santa’s holiday helper, children have a new friend to take where ever they go,” says Reed. “While both the Elf and REINDEER IN HERE share the goal of reporting back to Santa, the reindeer isn’t on a mission to watch, it’s here to learn.”

Limited edition Reindeer in Here, both the book and toy, are available starting Black Friday on Amazon.