Another cool feature of the Reindeer in Here, in keeping with the message of openness and diversity, is that it is purposely not called he or she in the book — the child decides and chooses a name.

So how does it work? The Reindeer in Here arrives just after Thanksgiving and spends December with your family.  At night the reindeer writes notes to Santa to let him know the child’s true Christmas wishes. Then on Christmas Eve the child puts the reindeer under the tree to return to the North Pole, until next year. I think this will be a great opportunity to reinforce the true meaning of Christmas with my children and to have some valuable discussion about different types of wishes. For example, maybe one night we wish for a toy we want, and maybe another night we wish for a child less fortunate to have his or her wish granted. I can see much more opportunity to stress the message of generosity than simply guessing where the animal is the next day.

Last year, when Reindeer in Here first came out, it sold out in less than two hours on Black Friday! Amazon also named it an instant #1 New Release and #1 Best Seller. This year will be the FIRST year this unique product will be available in retail. Reindeer in Here will be sold in over 1,200 independent retailers, including many Hallmark stores and independent gift and toy stores during their “Christmas in July” events! This includes Hallmark’s Ornament Premiere week, which begins on July 14, as well as on for the last week of July. This will give parents like you and me early access to the product! Like I said, it’s never too early to start planning for this holidays!