Play & Learn Everyday: REINDEER IN HERE

It’s almost time to get ready for Christmas, and we are already excited!  And now we have a new little friend to help us to prepare for the big day.  I would like to introduce you to the Reindeer in Here our new friend for the month of December.

I know what you might be thinking, that this is another stressful toy that needs to be moved around and doing different things each day, but actually Reindeer in Here is sort of the opposite.  He arrives at the beginning of December and you give him to your child, along with the book.

You then read the story together, all about how Santa wanted to send reindeer down to meet and get to know all of the children so that they could tell Santa all about them and help him to decide which presents to get them.

The children then get to name their own reindeer and spend time bonding with him.  They can take him everywhere they go, showing him what they get up to, so that he can report back to Santa.

I gave Ivy our Reindeer in Here a bit early, and she loves him already!  She decided to call him Mixa and loves to cuddle him, he’s so soft and fluffy.  She was really excited to show him around straight away.

First she showed him the table where she has her breakfast, and she offered to share with him (so we’re definitely off to a good start!)

Next we were doing some Christmas crafts, so that was another good opportunity to show her new pal Mixa the reindeer the sort of things that she likes to do (and how good she is getting at using her scissors properly).

She then took him over to our reading area and tucked him in with some blankets to read some books together and for a little nap.

I love that Reindeer in Here is not stressful at all, you spend the first day reading and talking about this lovely tradition, then the rest is up to the children.  Then on Christmas Eve you place your reindeer back under the Christmas tree for Santa to pick him up and report back.  It’s the perfect addition to our lovely family Christmas traditions, and so easy for the children to understand.

The Reindeer in Here set will be available to buy on Black Friday from Amazon for $24.99.

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