Red Carpet Report: New Holiday Tradition: Ditch the Elf and Get ‘Reindeer in Here’ for a Positive, Inclusive Gift for Your Littles #ReindeerInHere #GiftsforKids #Christmas #Giving #Video

That’s right, we said it… it’s that time of the year when our children are looking forward to Santa’s visit and they are on their best behavior.

Since 2005, many of the parents that we know from our MomTV days, have added the ‘elf’ to their holiday preparations and in the dark of night, move it around the house… keeping their littles “on their toes” and best behavior. The toy is based on a Christmas-themed story, written in rhyme, that tells how Santa Claus knows who is naughty and nice.

In recent years, a dad, who created ‘Reindeer In Here’ thought the elf was a bit too scary for his kids and wanted to create a POSITIVE Christmas tradition for his children that celebrate their individuality and the message that BEING DIFFERENT IS NORMAL. Instead of an elf spying on your kids for Santa, Reindeer In Here helps Santa get to know them and their needs and wishes in a positive way!

More About Reindeer in Here Reindeer In Here (book and plush set) is a Christmas friend sent by Santa as the first gift of the holiday season to get to know each child and celebrate that BEING DIFFERENT IS NORMAL. The children are encouraged to take the reindeer plush with them anywhere and everywhere on daily adventures so that it can learn about the uniqueness of each individual child and help Santa deliver their true Christmas wishes.

Isn’t it time to make your holiday tradition one that is positive and exciting for our children, rather than fearful and punitive?

We love this gift set and hope you’ll get it before they sell out like they did the first year (2017) they were available to purchase.

Oh, and, we’re not the only ones who think Reindeer in Here is awesome… it’s the most awarded toy for 2018 too.

Where to buy? Don’t wait to buy this gift. It’s best to give in early December for the full experience leading up to Christmas. Buy online and get a free Reindeer in Here shipping box too. Click to buy

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