Saving You Dinero: Replace The Elf With The Reindeer In Here

I am about to make a confession…we have not had the Elf on the Shelf in our home. My kids find him creepy and have asked that we not let him into our home.

I do like having a Christmas visitor but I don’t like the elf.

This year the tradition is going to change in many homes! Instead of having the Elf watching their every move; it will be replaced with Reindeer In Here. This is also going to remove all  the extra stress on the parent to remember to move it and be very creative each night – Reindeer In Here is a much more fun option – for adults and kids!

Reindeer in Here doesn’t want to scare your kids into behaving for a month before Christmas; he just wants to tag along until Christmas, taking notes on your kids’ likes and dislikes.

Reindeer in Here “writes notes” back to Santa every evening, telling the great toy giver in the North that Emily in Manhattan, for instance, doesn’t need any more Sailor Moon collectibles; what she really needs is Tupperware and an electric mixer.

Even better – the kids move the Reindeer! How many times have you been half asleep in bed and remember the Elf isn’t doing anything new?!

Here are a some reasons your family will prefer Reindeer In Here – it’s time to #ShelfTheElf:

  • The kids move the reindeer
  • Reindeer is cute and cuddly
  • NO more PARENT PRESSURE to move the elf every day
  • Children can take The Reindeer anywhere. The elf just sits on a shelf

This is the first year for the Reindeer in Here – so they have only made a limited supply that will only be sold on Amazon starting Black Friday! So make plans to purchase this cuddly reindeer on Black Friday – so you are not stuck with the Elf for another year!

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