I love going to everyone’s blogs to see what their Elf On The Shelf has been up to each night.  I guess it’s the magical feel of a mischevious little elf that makes it exciting.  I realize that not everyone feels my excitement when it comes to this beloved Christmas tradition.   As much as I love finding elves on the shelf on blogs and social media sites, I equally hate when people are being rude and obnoxious on the posts.  For those that fall into the latter category, or if their elf is taking a vacation this year, how about a  Reindeer In Here instead?  A person would have to be a downright scrooge not to fall in love with these plush, adorable, reindeer. What some parents will find appealing is that you don’t have to move the Reindeer at night like you do the Elf on the Shelf.

I received a Reindeer In Here gift set for review purposes and I can’t wait until December to show it to the kids. I just about ruined their Elf on the Shelf experience last year, but that’s a whole other post. Unlike the Elf on the Shelf, Reindeer In Here spends the month of December getting to know your tots and helps each individual child learn to celebrate that BEING DIFFERENT IS NORMAL. Please see below to learn more.

You can use the online store locator feature at or even buy it on Amazon. If you use my link to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Amazon Reindeer In Here

There are several options to purchase Reindeer In Here, you can buy the plush Reindeer sold separately, the Reindeer In Here book also sold separately, or, you can buy the Reindeer In Here and the follow along book, gift set. There are three options and one adorable theme to celebrate being a kid. They can take their new friend anywhere and everywhere and it’s absolutely okay to touch their reindeer. Its magic will not disappear because the magic is in the eye of the beholder. Amazon says it best with it states that “Reindeer In Here enhances holiday fun while instilling in youngsters feelings of love, acceptance, and continuous good cheer!”

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