SYRACUSE MOMS BLOG: Reindeer in Here-Taking over Elf on the Shelf

Have you heard of Reindeer in Here? He’s this adorable little Reindeer that will replace the creepy Elf on the Shelf.  The message is, being different is normal. Now this is something that I can stand behind.
Reindeer in Here was created by a dad who wanted to share the story of how it’s okay to be different and how special that is. Reindeer in here is a plush reindeer that the children can hug and carry around with them. He’s meant to replace the elf on the shelf by coming to your house on Decemeber 1st and staying with your kids until Christmas Eve when he helps Santa return to the north pole.
My girls each have one and when I say they are obsessed, it’s an understatement. They love how cute and cuddly he is. They named their reindeer Snickers, Goldie and Santa Claus Girl.  Not only is the reindeer cute and cuddly, it comes with this colorful storybook explaining everything about the tiny reindeer. It’s a great story with an even better message, being different is okay.
Reindeer in Here is different because his antlers are not the same size. The books illustrates that we are all different, on the inside and the outside. It let’s children know that it’s okay to be different and now they have this little reindeer who is different. It’s just such a warm feeling.
One of my favorite parts about him and you may also agree, you don’t have to move him and come up with some elaborate hiding spot. If you are anything like me, you’re not as much of a Pinterest mom and more of an Amazon prime mom, so coming up with creative places for the elf was not one of your stronger qualities. Plus, the kids couldn’t touch the elf.  Your kids can keep the cute reindeer in bed with them as Reindeer in Here will write Santa a letter each night.
You should check @reindeerinhere out!
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