The Stuff of Success: Reindeer In Here – A New Holiday Tradition

How many of you have participated in the “elf” shinanigans over the years?  I know we have and it is pretty stressful continually coming up with something new to entertain the kids.  But now Reindeer In Here has come along to save this holiday season – and I am very excited about it.

He arrives on the first day of December as the first gift this holiday season.  First of all the Reindeer is a really nice size – something the kids can hold on to, hug and actually play with.  That is a huge plus in my book!  He can join us in our travels through the month of December and “be a part of our family”.

On Christmas Eve the Reindeer returns to the North Pole until December of next year.  But during the month of December he spends his time getting to know each child and spreading the message that being different is normal.  In our family – different is definitely the norm.  There is nothing traditional about our family – we have biological children, adopted children, grandchildren and a grandmother all under the same roof.  And the adopted children know their biological siblings so just trying to answer the question of how many siblings do you have can cause anxiety for them.  Because each of them have ALOT of siblings between biological and adoptive.

Reindeer in Here comes with a Reindeer and a book.  The Reindeer is different (and normal) because he is shaggy and has a lopsided set of antlers with big blue eyes.  The Reindeer will go on all our adventures and then while his child is sleeping he will send notes back to Santa each night so that by Christmas Eve Santa will know this particular child’s true wishes and desires.

Also included is a Reindeer In Here book!  I love that this doesn’t become a chore for us as parents – we have so much to take care of through the month of December.  It is just about spending time with your child!

So pick up your own Reindeer In Here and have a fantastic, less stressful holiday season!

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