Tubey Toys: Toy Review: A New Christmas Friend…that you don’t have to move each night…- Hug, Share Holiday Wishes with Reindeer in Here

Parents! Rejoice! Although I love moving around our Elf every night, I do forget, because I’m tired and human, so learning about the latest in Christmas traditions has got my heart ring-ting-ting-a-ling with such a clatter!

Reindeer in Here is a new Christmas tradition that you and your children will love! Not only does it evoke the spirit of Christmas, but it also teaches such a valuable message. From the creative mind of father and writer, Adam Reed, not to mention President of Thinkfactory Media – the man behind some of my favorite must-see reality TV shows. Reindeer in Here takes you on the magical journey of a very different reindeer’s new special purpose.
Don’t confuse this new tradition with the adventurous and mischievous Elf on the Shelf who cannot be touched in fear he will lose his magic, Reindeer in Here promotes hugs, play, and making new memories together.

Reindeer in Here also promotes a very positive message of togetherness and the wonder of the holiday season, and a very simple and prolific message that: “being different is normal.” Each Reindeer in Here comes in a beautifully designed gift box with an adorable plush Reindeer and a special book titled, Reindeer in Here A Christmas Friend, outlining instructions for parents and instructions for the kiddos once they receive their new Reindeer in Here. The book is cleverly and beautifully written in a very fun to read rhyme scheme by Reed, and the book is also colourfully illustrated by artist, Izzy Bean. After reading the story, be sure to go to the Reindeer in Here website and learning more about his friends like Cecilia (like sa-seal-ya who has a permanent smile), Zig and Zag (cross-eyed penguins), and more friends to get to know.

The story takes us back to the beginning of time where the celebration of Christmas first became a tradition with gifts. Santa Claus had no way of telling what little children wanted for their Christmas wishes (of course, modern technology allows him to “see” all, now!). Santa turned to his reindeer for advice, and only one sweet little reindeer stepped forward, and this little reindeer had uneven antlers and looked very different from his brothers and sisters who had larger, more pronounced antlers.

“Although we’re all reindeer, and look somewhat the same, like children we’re different beyond just our name,” says the little Reindeer in Here, which is such a true and precious statement. The book continues to talk about how even though some children may look different, we all have the same heart, and we all want to have our Christmas wishes fulfilled.

The Reindeer in Here stays small for your child’s small hand, and his small size just makes it easier for him to hug. You can personalize your book by writing in your child’s name to make it extra special. At the end of the story, your kiddo can even name their new Reindeer in Here. Reindeer in Here arrives at the beginning of December and leaves Christmas Eve with Santa Claus. Fluffy and intricately designed, his big blue eyes have that Christmas twinkle in them, and his soft fur is so cuddly! Be sure to stay tuned to our YouTube channel for a magical Christmas video coming soon.

Reindeer in Here has already received The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval for 2018, among other prestigious awards like the 2018 Hot Diggity Dog Award, two awards in the Book and Preferred Choice categories for Creative Child Awards, and more! You can start your own Reindeer in Here tradition for $29.99 and can be purchased on Amazon, and in stores at Learning Express and in Hallmark stores, or you can go to to see which of your local stores carry this sweet holiday tradition in the making using their easy to use store finder. You should know that Amazon is slighty more expensive, but if you have Amazon prime, it’s worth the extra cost to get your new Reindeer in Here in hand within two days!

Big thank you to Reindeer in Here for sending us a new way to get us in the holiday spirit! We are so happy to be a part of this amazing story – being different is normal! I can’t wait to share this magical tale with my little ones … when the time is right, of course. First, we must feast on candy for Halloween!

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