Amy & Aron’s Real Life Reviews: Reindeer In Here- A Christmas Tradition For Your Whole Family

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you have passed along to your children and the next generation? We have so many. There are foods that only get made on the holidays, the family that we only get to see, and so much more. One new tradition that I think is absolutely adorable is the Reindeer In Here.
You know how much I love Christmas. I do love having all of the family and everything that goes along with it. When I find something worthy of sharing with you guys, I get so excited. This is one of those things.
I’m going to be completely honest but there was a point in this story that I had to slow down and catch my breath to keep from crying. This is so sweet and so involving, I love it. Kids can even name their reindeer.
What’s in the box?
The Reindeer In Here set comes with a plush reindeer and a storybook.
Why is this so special? That is something I asked myself before the set got here. I knew that Reindeer In Here promotes differences. Not everyone is the same. I love covering inclusion themed products. This little reindeer was a tiny reindeer and the antlers aren’t the same.
When kids have a physical difference than other kids it can be a worrisome topic. It doesn’t have to be. Each child, just like the small reindeer is different. Them message this company is sending is a beautiful one.

Every one of us in the world is different in our own special way. Different on the inside, different on the outside. Different in our hopes, dreams, and desires…and those differences should be celebrated. Reindeer In Here celebrates the differences in each and every one of us (whether human or reindeer). Santa could not be more proud that it took a DIFFERENT reindeer (with one antler smaller than the other) to come up with a DIFFERENT idea to solve Santa’s conundrum of how to get to know each individual child even better. Children are unique, reindeer are unique, and ultimately we are all unique. Reindeer In Here uses the magic of Christmas to help celebrate the uniqueness of each individual child through the idea that being DIFFERENT IS NORMAL.

This hits me right in my feelings. I have children with differences. I am an individual with differences! It’s amazing to be able to confidently celebrate the differences instead of feeling shame or embarrassment from it. I know this is a Christmas toy but, it really goes so much deeper than that. I love it!!
How To Make It A Tradition?
The Reindeer in Here is an early gift from Santa that comes out for the whole month of December. Santa’s goal is to get to know each and every child better. Every day, the child gets to show the reindeer something new. A new adventure. Something special in their life.
The story is so cute and only takes a few minutes to read too. The illustrations are adorable and show a great story even for the little guys that can’t read on their own yet. The whole set is absolutely adorable.
On Christmas Eve the special mission is to get your reindeer under the tree so it can go back to the north pole with Santa and the other reindeer and prepare for the next year. Next December 1st when Santa sends the early gift of your reindeer, your little one will be able to fill them in on all of the happenings of the year and share all new adventures.
This is a wonderful way to bring a new tradition to the family. I absolutely love it!!!

You can find Reindeer In Here on their website and social media.


I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
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