Blizz may be the smallest reindeer at the North Pole, but he has an upbeat attitude and a heart as big as Santa himself. Although his small stature and mismatched antlers make him different, he knows he’s destined for big things, and one day he might get the chance to make his special mark on Christmas forever!


He’s a creative ten-year-old who is self-conscious and desperately trying not to get noticed. Always the new kid in town, he just wants to overcome his loneliness and make a new best friend.


The bespectacled big-toothed worry wart in Blizz’s circle of friends, Bucky is in a constant state of anxiety, always afraid of what’s going to happen when the other hoof drops.


Candy is bubbly, positive and made out of snow with a candy cane nose! She is Blizz’s best friend and will always have his back, no matter how crazy or dangerous his plans end up being. She tends to overshare… a lot.


Smart and clever with a cunning wit which can be intimidating to her classmate Theo because he has a huge crush on her. When she’s not pursuing her quirky passion in life (bugs!) she can be counted on to come up with a brilliant idea and a whip-smart, sarcastic comment to go along with it.


This is one dimwitted and spacey mohawked polar bear! Hawk tries his best but he’s never on the same wavelength as the others; his mind is always thinking about something else (usually food).


Her pink coat and bedazzled hooves make her stand out from the other reindeer at the North Pole, which is just the way she likes it. Always the levelheaded voice of reason, she will be the first to tell Blizz when one of his ideas or inventions is too crazy or dangerous.


Santa’s harried right-hand elf of over 500 years, he is always working to make sure Christmas is the best it can be. As the H.O.H.O (Head of Holiday Operations) it’s up to him to update the Naughty & Nice lists, oversee all of the presents, and make sure the sleigh takes off on time - all so Christmas morning goes off without a hitch!