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For 2021 we are exclusively on Amazon with some limited availability on QVC. Have no fear in 2022 we will be EVERYWHERE so stay tuned!

Although Reindeer In Here was intended for each child to have their own Reindeer plush to make it uniquely their own, families can certainly decide to have one Reindeer that all children in the family can share.

The Reindeer In Here storybook and the 8” plush reindeer.

Absolutely!  We sell the Reindeer plush by itself. Many families by one box set, and then multiple Reindeer, to give one to each additional sibling.

Yes. There is a place in the book so the child can write their own name, and their Reindeer’s name. Many families buy multiple books so each child can have their own book with their own name and their Reindeer’s name in it, so they can hand it down for generations.

We do, in retail and on Amazon.

The Reindeer arrive any time after Thanksgiving. The Reindeer stays with each child until Christmas Eve when the child puts it under the tree so Santa can pick it up and take it back to the North Pole and deliver each child’s true Christmas wishes. We have many ancillary products that Santa and the Reindeer can leave behind to open Christmas morning so the child can have a little piece of Reindeer In Here with them all year-round, until their Reindeer returns next year!

All products are limited in quantity so get yours before the Christmas rush!

We do! But for 2021 they are in very limited supply on Amazon. Check out our Amazon brand page with all of our products! 

Reindeer In Here is the Most Awarded Christmas Tradition brand, and has won 12 major awards including a gold Mom’s Choice, Creative Child Magazine’s Best Book of the Year, and the prestigious National Parenting Center seal of approval!

Ages 1 to 10 – or anyone who believes in Santa!

Absolutely. We will have new magical products every holiday season.

Please contact our wholesale distributor here for more info: Email us at mail@reindeerinhere.com and we will make sure you get any wholesale information you need.

Yes! In Canada and South Africa!

Many of our retailers that sell Reindeer In Here products do ship internationally, as well as Amazon if extra shipping fees are paid.