BLAST.COM: Elf No Longer Safe on Shelf, There’s a New Reindeer in Town

It’s just about holiday season which means spindly stuffed Elves are going to start popping up all over homes across the US to keep kids in line.

Before you break out what is arguably one of the creepier parts of Christmas, there is a new option.

Elves better watch their tiny little backs because a new reindeer is about to dasher and dancer all over them. Reindeer in Here … is here. And, it wants to put elves out of a job.

The plush reindeer comes with an accompanying book and unlike the traditional Elf, kids can get in the action. It’s the first Christmas gift Santa sends to them and it arrives at each child’s house in early December.

Its job is to help get Santa to know each individual child even better over the whole month of December. Then on Christmas Eve, the child puts the reindeer under the tree to go back to the North Pole with Santa until he returns next December for the tradition to continue again.

He officially leaves the North Pole on Black Friday.


Read the full article here.

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