Kelly’s Thoughts on Things: Are you looking for a new Christmas tradition?

Are You Looking For a New Christmas Family Tradition

When my kids were very young, we had little traditions, but I didn’t think they were a big deal.  Of course, now that my daughter is a Mommy, she is introducing those same traditions to her family.  However, it’s fun to find your own tradition to teach your kids.  Boy, do I have a great Christmas tradition for everyone!  It even teaches little ones some wonderful values.  It is called “Reindeer in Here” and it comes with the sweetest reindeer stuffed animal.  You also get a great book to read to the kids that explain the whole story.

The cute little reindeer is somewhat different than the other reindeer in the book.  You see, he (or she – the kids can decide) has one antler that is smaller, so he/she doesn’t quite look like the rest.  But like this book teaches, it is a great thing to be a little different!  Every child is different too.  Nobody is the same, and that is something we should celebrate.  I love that the book shows this small, fluffy little reindeer stepping up and telling Santa an idea that it has.  He/She asks Santa to put a little reindeer in every home with a child so that they can get to know them, show them around, take them places, and to find out what the little ones want for Christmas.  Of course, Santa gets to know if the child has been naughty or nice too.

What a sweet idea!  The only thing I’m a little worried about is explaining to my granddaughter that the reindeer go back home to Santa until the next December.  However, this is why I love the book it comes with.  It explains to them not to be sad because when they wake up on Christmas morning, they will have lots of great surprises.  The reindeer has to leave with Santa to help fly the sled to get him back home!  I love how much thought went into this whole idea.  I think it is such a great tradition to start with your kids.  It not only teaches them to be good, it gives them a great friend to take everywhere!

Another thing I love about this is that your child gets to name their reindeer.  There is a place in the book to write the name.  The child will feel so special and important that they had the responsibility to name their new friend.  Santa will certainly love any name they come up with.  I’m sure there will be some very “unique” names too.

I sure hope you enjoy a new Christmas family tradition with the “Reindeer in Here”.  You are going to love it!  Reindeer in Here will be available just in time for Christmas in July on Amazon and Hallmark (along with some other independent gift stores).

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