MOM SPOTTED: “Reindeer In Here” Box Set Is A New Magical Family Christmas Tradition

Christmas is right around the corner and my kids are so excited. Even though it isn’t quite Thanksgiving I have already started to sneak out some Christmas decor. We have so many great family traditions around Christmas. I make sugar cookies with my kids and we take plates of them to neighbors. We have a certain hill we love to go sledding on after a good powdery snowfall. We also make my grandma’s special muffin recipe every Christmas Eve while we open pajamas and a new ornament. Christmas is magical and I am always looking for great new traditions for my family. “Reindeer In Here” will for sure be one of my kid’s new favorite traditions. Reindeer in Here is a gorgeous box set that comes with a darling Reindeer ready for snuggling and a really cute book that your kids will love.
Reindeer in Here made its debut last year on Black Friday and in just two hours it was completely sold out on Amazon! It has been awarded nine national honors and is now the “Most Awarded Christmas Tradition Brand of 2018. Unlike other traditions that sit on shelves and aren’t allowed to be touched, this sweet little Reindeer is all about the cuddles!
The Reindeer In Here “magically” arrives at your doorstep as your kid’s first official gift of the season from Santa. The packaging is absolutely amazing. The box makes it clear that this present is directly from Santa himself and should be handled with care. It also hints that a new “Christmas Friend” is inside. It also has a note on the inside of the box from Santa!
Reindeer In here is a story about why it is normal to be different and that being different is what makes you special! There are so many cute characters like a snowman with a candy cane nose. It is your kid’s job to give your special Reindeer a name then the adventures can begin. The Reindeer can go on all of your adventures this holiday season. He can be snuggled, cuddled, played with, and will hear all of your kid’s Christmas wishes to tell Santa.
Reindeer In Here is the perfect gift this holiday season. Your kids will love how sweet, soft, and darling the Reindeer is. The book is also so great and the pictures are awesome. They will love the book and giggle along with the story.
The Reindeer In Here website can help you find a retailer near you to purchase your own box set or you can find it on Amazon. Order this new Christmas friend asap so your kids can start adventuring with their own Reindeer that will tell Santa all of their Christmas wishes.
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